Knowhere is a decentralized short-video sharing app on Web 3.0, which works like a social media platform as well as a Traffic Decision Engine based on Traffic-Fi.


Nowadays, Influencer marketing is increasingly more popular among businesses because traditional advertising has become less effective in attracting leads and customers. Influencer marketing employs leading, niche content creators to improve brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive messages to target audiences. It’s this collaboration between brands and creators that allows businesses to expand their reach across their personas.

However, this model has major pitfalls.

Even though the flaws have long been exposed, the benefits people derive from influencer marketing make it impossible to stop. Conservative traffic marketing continues running like a rusty cog on the Web2 model with the following problems emerging, which block brands, influencers and followers.

  1. For brands:

· Ineffective Measure of Return on Investment (ROI)

· Follower fraud. Difficulty finding the right influencers

  1. For influencers:

· Unpriced traffic contribution

· Variance In income distribution

· Ownership of relationships with followers controlled by centralized platforms

  1. For followers:

· Overwhelmed by dazzling advertisements

· Inability to distinguish between advertising and useful content


Know3here is committed to:

· Returning ownership of the relationship between influencers and followers

· Re-define the value of traffic and make the value of traffic measurable

To support and fulfill the promise, Konw3here proposes a new concept based on blockchain: Traffic -Fi

Note: Know3here is in Public Beta, so any description in the white paper is likely to be updated as Know3here evolves.

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