CBK is centralized points, acts as a non-transferable reputation signal. It is an infinite-supply token. This token will be issued based on user's public and private traffic, activity and influence. The number of CBK users holding will largely determine the difficulty of acquiring GBK Token.

$KF3-Utility Tokens

This token will be used for transactions within the platform, such as buying and selling content, and accessing premium features. Both influencers and followers can earn $KF3 by creating and sharing content, engaging with other content, and referring new followers to the platform. Influencers can also earn $KF3 by monetizing their content and receiving tips or donations from their followers.

$KFC-Governance Tokens

This token gives token holders the right to vote on platform decisions. Holders of $KFC can participate in the platform's governance process, including voting on proposals for platform upgrades, changes to platform rules, and other decisions that affect the platform's ecosystem. $KFC tokens can be earned by staking $KF3 tokens and participating in platform governance activities

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