Traffic-Fi is about transforming the relationship between influencer and followers into on-chain private domain traffic, returning the ownership of this relationship to themselves in a decentralized mode and even upgrading the simple follower relationship to a stronger asset-based relationship by Know3here tokens.

With this Traffic-Fi, all three parties involved benefit:

  1. Brands

Traffic-Fi provides brands with the unique ability to target their marketing campaigns to specific audiences. By using Know3here tokens, brands can create campaigns based on the relationships with influencers and followers. This gives brands greater control over their campaigns, as they can ensure that their ads reach the right people. Furthermore, the use of blockchain technology means that brands can trust that their campaigns will be secure and transparent.

  1. Influencers

Traffic-Fi provides influencers with the opportunity to create stronger relationships with their followers. Traffic-Fi is creating a secure and private on-chain domain traffic system that gives users full control over their relationship with followers. These features will include a reputation system for users to gain rewards for building trust with their followers, as well as the ability to create and manage personal influencer networks. Furthermore, with the transfer of Know3here tokens, influencers can upgrade their follower relationships into asset-based relationships. This gives influencers the ability to reward their followers for engaging with them, creating a more mutually beneficial relationship.


Traffic-Fi provides followers with the chance to be rewarded for their engagement with influencers. Through the use of Know3here tokens, followers can receive rewards for their interactions with influencers, giving them more incentive to stay engaged and use the system to track their engagement with influencers.

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