Traffic Metrics Protocol

The Traffic Metrics Protocol (TMP) is a network protocol designed to collect and exchange traffic statistics between network devices. It is an open protocol defifined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and is primarily used for collecting data from routers and switches in enterprise networks. TMP enables social network inflfluencers to measure and monitor the performance of their followers, including the number of shared sent, likes received, fans dropped, and rewarding, and the amount of on-chain data transferred.

The TMP protocol works by allowing network devices to exchange traffic statistics using UDP datagrams. Each device periodically sends a TMP message containing the collected traffic statistics to its neighbor device. The neighbor device then processes the message and can reply with another TMP message containing its own traffic statistics. This process continues until all devices on the network have exchanged their traffic statistics. Once all devices have exchanged their traffic statistics, the social network influencer can use the collected data to measure and monitor work performance.

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